The RNA is committed to providing first class educational activities and facilities for visitors during Ekka and throughout the year. Since 1876, millions of students have savoured an educational smorgasbord rich in tradition offering unique curriculum based learning.

From discovering where their food comes from to enjoying a true city meets country experience, students create memories which last a lifetime.

With competitions for students to enter, 10,000 animals to see, learning trails points and many interactive hands-on activities, the Ekka is Queensland's largest classroom.

The RNA has one eye firmly on the future, offering training and educational support to students from across Queensland through the following initiatives:

Visit our Education page on the Ekka website to view the educational activities and competitions run during and outside of Ekka.


RNA Coca-Cola Regional Scholarship
The RNA Coca-Cola Regional Scholarship program is open to members of Agricultural Show societies who are studying a degree or subjects related to agriculture, or a course that will benefit regional Australia.
Thirty-three scholarships of $2,000 are awarded annually across Australia, with preference given to applicants who can demonstrate their commitment to regional Australia and involvement in their local Show society.
At Ekka 2013, the RNA awarded seven scholarships to students:
1. Kimberly Lange - University of New England
2. Ashleigh Saville - University of Queensland
3. Alison Collier - University of Queensland
4. Richard Smith - University of Queensland
5. Tobias Worley - University of Queensland
6. Lachlan Scurr - Australian Agricultural College Corporation , Emerald campus
7. Alana McKenna - University of Queensland
Visit the Coca-Cola Regional Scholarship website for more information about 2013 application details.